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Portable car tyre inflator C701 with ample power bank | Author:xiao868feng | Publish time: 2016-04-18 | 9818 Views | Share:

When your car tyre  breaks down on the freeway , you maybe find that it is key to carry an emergency tool, such as car tyre inflator   C701. In this situation, many people  are  accustomed   to  keeping themselves from dilemma  by phones. However, from my point of view, it is very wise of you to carry emergency filling system for automatic vehicles, like our product C701.

Car  tyre inflator C701, also called air compressor, tyre pump, air inflator and etc. As is known to us, it works by operating the motor. In daily life, when we drive and there are many incidents happening because of uneven tyre pressure. So as you can see, it is extremely important to make your car  tyre have sufficient  N2.When you drive on the highway and enjoy yourself,  your car tyre burst. At that moment, the question is attributing to your high or low tyre pressure. All in all, you are so smart to have a top quality car tyre pump, like C701 that you can make you car inflate ,extend the tyre use and most importantly  let yourself safe all the time.

The car tyre inflator C701 ,made in Shenzhen Newboer Technology Co.,Ltd, is made of rubber for surface. It  feels very good. It weighs 4kg, covering enough materials. For one hand, it has LCD displaying; for another, you can see  some clear  figures on the LCD screen. What is more, LED lights are quite brilliant, which are similar to the spotlights in the shopping mall.  With a length of 60cm , tube ,made of  rubber in superior quality, is put into the storage box, which is in order. Much to your delight, the car tyre inflator just costs RMB298 per piece, and you are amazed that it has li-battery itself and it can work without car cigarette lighter. How unique it is. By the way, if you buy the tyre inflator C701, and you also can get 3m long car charger. You can put it connect with the car cigarette lighter in case insufficient power of battery. What a people-oriented product it is. The last but not least, the functional car tyre inflator C701 also contains basic equipment, such as 3 inflating crossover subs, a wall adapter and an exquisite canvas bag. Thus it can be seen, so many you can get. Yes, you are worth it, aren’t  you?

Let’s see its C701 inside structure, it operates with DC permanent-magnet . It works with stable noise and big air flow. Additionally, it is more power and less noise than those traditional  driving gear made of plastic.

This product C701 is suitable for  all mini automobiles. Generally speaking, it is your wise choice if you SUV users aren’t willing to carry that heavy double-cylinder  or 40MM pump. Our product  C701 can meet most users’ need in power and equipment. If you test its performance of inside battery, you will find that it can fill in 3 tyres with full N2.It is very convenient  for you because you have no worry about car jar discharging to a certain extent. You can carry it directly to go to the see  and inflate swimming rings  with your family. How portable it is. Furthermore, at night, you can be exposed to bright environment  with LED lights in the tent. By the way, if your cell phones has no power ,you can use it to charge with  its USB output. In short, it C701 makes your life easier.

You know, there are many incidents happening due  to uneven tyre  pressure. So when you drive, it is fairly critical to make your car tyres work normally. Also, as you know, the tyre burst on the highway because high or low pressure. What you consider most is that the oil price rises  constantly. So more oil-energy is our priority. You know, it will consume oil owing to high or low tyre pressure. Honestly speaking, it is extremely significant for you to have a portable car tyre inflator, like C701,which you can save worry and  trouble when you drive anywhere.  Anyway, it does make a big difference.

If you are interested in this car tyre inflator C701 ,you can log in our website to buy. You also buy it via Alibaba, Taobao. Alipal is welcome.

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