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1. Innovative lithium battery design, sufficient power capacity, fast inflate with one press
2. Pressure pre-setting function,stop inflating automatically when reaching pre-set tyre pressure
3. Various air cocks, suitable for all kinds of inflatables
4. Digital blue ray LCD ,accurate reading, easily  read real-time tire pressure
5. All metal movement,permanent magnetic direct-driver
6. best quality,approved by CE and RoHs, long service life,long warranty
7. Able to inflate while charging,can be charged by car cigarette lighter in case of emergency
8. Easily switch different  units of air pressure
9. LED light for lighting 

Product Description:

•Size: 198(L)*64(W)*146(H) Mm
•Weight: 1.8kg
•Max pressure: 200psi
•Pressure unit:PSI, KPA, BAR, KG/CM2
•Power: lithium battery
•Voltage: 12V
•Flow rate: 35L/M
•Operation Current: 10A
•Battery capacity: 1300mAh
•Apply to: Car,Truck,Bicycle,Motorcycle,Air mattress,Ball,Toy,etc
•Color: Orange,blue,black
•Brand name: Famoustech or OEM

Operation steps:

 Inflate for tire
1. Pull the inflate tube out of the inflator, once turn on the button, LCD displays with blue light.
Down left number stands for the tire pressure you pre-set, on its top is battery icon. While on the right the larger number is the detective tire pressure, on its top is the measure unit.
2. Choose measure unit
Press button “M” to choose measure unit, there's 4 units for chosen: “PSI  BAR  KPA KG/CM2”. Each press transferred to another unit, meanwhile the pre-set tire pressure value changes according to the measure unit.
3. Pre-set the tire pressure
Press button “+”and button “-” in the same time for 2s, the pre-set value starts to flash, then press “+” or “-”to set the value you want. The inflator can store the pre-set value even it is off. You can get the tire pressure value from your car manual or on the tire itself.
4. Start to inflate
Screw the tube’s nut to the tire, the LCD displays the tire pressure or it may be lower than the pre-set value. Press button , it starts to inflate, it will auto stop once it reaches the pre-set value. (Remarks: If the tire pressure is higher than the pre-set value, it won't work. The tire is in high pressure, due to the big load, it will fail to work. You need to turn on the inflator for warming up first then screw the tube to the tire to inflate.
5. Final step
After inflate is done, screw off the tube nut with tire, turn off the inflator, keep the tube in the inflator.

■Inflate balls or other kinds of toys needed air
Screw the needle to the thread of the tube, connect to the air hole, and follow the same steps to inflate.
■Tire pressure detective
Turn on the inflator, screw the tube to the tire, it will display the pressure of your tire, press “M” to choose measure unit.
■Voltage detective
Plug the car charger line with the DC jack, the other part connect to the car cigar lighter, then LCD lights. Press “+”and“-”meanwhile, it will display battery jar’s voltage of your car, if the engine is working, it will display the engine’s output voltage.

■USB operation
Turn on the inflator, the USB on the left can offer power out put as 5V1A, connect with the standard USB line, can help you charge mobile phones and IPADs ect.
If the battery voltage is low, the inflator will turn off, it's time to charge.
1.Car charging,
Connect the car charger with car cigar lighter and inflator’s DC jack, turn on the power for fast charging. The battery icon on the LCD shows is charging. (Remarks: please turn on the car engine then charge the inflator, in case weak battery fails to start the car. You can charge the inflator during driving. It only takes 30 mins for fully charge.
2.Direct charging
Connect the charger with inflator’s DC jack, turn on the power for charging, The battery icon on the LCD shows is charging. It takes 2-2.5 J for fully charge.