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AP-103 Mini Electronic inflator

Product features:


High accurate digital pressure control
Preset pressure function
High pressure and wide measure range
Mutifunctional and mutipurpose
Large flow design, quick inflation
Long life and be able to inflate more than 100 PCS tires continuously
Diversity in appearance and easy to carry
Stable quality, easy usage, fast inflating ensure safety and convenince when enmergency happens

Technical Parameters:


Technical Parameters:
Battery type: Lithium iron battery
Capacity: 6.4 Wh / 12.8V /500 mAh.
AC/DC Adapter
Input: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz 0.2A Max
Output: 15 V DC --- 0.5A
Max current: 5A
Charge efficiency: 7-10L/min
Max inflating pressure: 120-150psi
Measuring accuracy:  ±1.5psi
Tube length: 140±5mm
Operation temperature: -20℃~+60℃
Size: 54.8(L)×44.8(W)×198(H)mm
Inflator weight : 460g.
A. LCD display( Pressure value and unit display)
B. “Unit”button(Activate the display screen,recyclable select the 4 pressure unit and set pressure value
C.“Power” button: independently controlled the LED light; for inflating on and off.
D.DC charging port
E.+ - preset key, set the pressure you want

Operation steps:
1. Non-rechargeable pump’s power can be supplied by cigarette lighter.
2.Connect one end of air tube to inflator, plug the other end to tire valve core. For French valve, it should be connected to the French adaptor at first.
3.Press “UNIT” button to set pressure on activated screen, then press “ON” button for inflating.
4.Repeatedly press “UNIT” button, the ATMOS will transform to PSI, BAR, KPA, or kg/cm2. The screen will show the real data.
5.“+” & “—” are preset keys. Click it for adjusting the target pressure slowly, long press for adjusting the target pressure quickly. Setting will be completed after the screen flicker for 4 seconds,Or press the “UNIT” button to finish setting, Then press “ON” button for inflating.
6.When inflate to the set point, it will stop inflating automatically. And press the ON/OFF button, LED light will turn off.
7.After inflation, pull out the tube from valve core and from inflator. Left it in storage of inflator and keep dry.

■Inflate tires of french gas mouth or other kinds of toys, you need screw the adapter to the thread of the pipe, connect to the air hole, and follow the same steps to inflate.
If the battery voltage is low, the inflator will turn off, it's time to charge.
Connect the charger with inflator's DC jack, turn on the power for charging, The charger indicator LED red is charging and green full. It takes 2-3H for fully charge.